logan_pryde :

I have been thinking about my Senior Project with a friend of mine for a while now, and we think making a movie would be a good idea, but we don’t know if we should make a horror, drama, comedy, or documentary. We live in a small rural area known as Crane, Oregon. It is home to one of the last high schools with a dormitory. So we think a documentary would be good, but we think it might be too boring, so a horror movie would be the next thing, we think.
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black_cat :

I need to make a movie, it’s a project in school. sort of an indie film.
and I wanted to make a drama movie about a family. I already have an idea, but just in case my groupmates don’t like it. at least I have a back up plan. we only have four genres available: drama, comedy, fantasy and action.

can anyone help me? please? if you have any good idea, something with a deep story. suggestions for comedy, fantasy and action are also acceptable. but as much as possible I’d like drama.
come on, just a short deep nice plot.

oh! and the maximum time given for us is 1 hour. and I doubt my first idea would even last an hour.
oh, and my teacher said she aint gonna accept romance and horror movies.
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Jay :

I have around 600 “wmv” clipping on my computer, playing alone clip by clip on my computer is not a problem, how can I convert these files to make DVD so I can watch all these serial drama on big screen TV.
I have Mac G5 OSX 10.4.11 operating system,Can some one help? If I have to buy a new software, I will and that will make my life much easier.
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frogluvr9236 :

Okay. I have been in the mood to REALLY cry in movies. I cry easily in movies. So here is what tends to get me:

Pearl Harbor (cried so hard!!!!!!!!!!! one of my faves)
Marley in me
A walk to remember (only a little. but i wanna bawl)
Twilight (idk why…)

Things that ppl said they bawled in that didn’t really touch me a lot:

The Notebook (it was cute, but i did not find it THAT sad)
The boy in the striped Pajamas (I was more disturbed and disgusted than sad)

I tend to like sad war movies. Romance is a maybe depends on how sad. So like pearl harbor it was war/drama/suspense/romance/etc

So i really wanna cry. Need some good movies!
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oxheeyhannahxo :

Ones that aren’t old. Like the oldest ones from the 80’s. Also i like sappy ones. I like to cry over movies. If you can help do please.
And make sure there different movies than,

A Walk to Remember
The Notebook
Another Cinderella Story
A Cinderella Story
Tuck Everlasting
Peter Pan
Aladdin 1,2&3
My Girl
A Little Romance
The Sleeping Dictionary
Ella Enchanted
The Butterfly Effect

ive seen them so i dint need help on them(:
They should help you have an idea of what i like(:
Also if you like these movies and like other movies that arnt romance then tell me please(:
Thanks a lot(:

Tim M :

There are only 10 boys and they are 16 years old and they want to make video were they are all on the good side! What is a good idea of the enemy and how do they make the enemy seem real.

hello :

anyone know a real good movie that will make a person cry? or just a really good movie kind of like cinderella man, a beautiful mind, the notebook, etc. not some old classic movie but more of a recent one. thanks

Mrs.Jessica Pattinson :

I really like drama and comedy movies. I’m also very interested in tv shows like vampire diaries, make it or break it, pretty little liars, secret teen, downsized, tori and dean home sweet hollywood, kendra, ect. kind of a wide variety..

[*[curious]*] :

Preferably from 2000-2009 what are some of those movies you’ve seen that make you cry, make you laugh super hard, scared, etc. Give me a variety of the best comedy, drama, horror, movies. Even those movies that make you sad and stuff.

naovsky :

My 11 year old wants to go to a day (or maybe even night) camp. She wants it to be Theater/Drama/Movie making. If anyone can tell me the best camps near Boston MA, it would be great!

uhhm. can you name best romantic drama movies uve seen?

wajaja : those movies that would surely make you cry, i want them

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What is the best horror, drama, family or comedy movie to watch?

Ahmadsiar A : What is the best movie you guys ever watch? And what movie would you guy recommend me to watch? I like horror movies the best, also some normal movies too, I really like movies where there are a group of teens and something happens to them, and they have to save themselves [...]

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What’s a really mean song for my drama?

TumbledTears : In Drama at the moment, we are making movie trailers and our trailer is for a made-up movie which is called ‘VERY mean girls’, kind of like the Mean Girls Sequel. But what is a really good song to be in the background? It needs to have attitude, and I can’t think of [...]

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yellaaa :] : okay i love romance movies, comedies, drama and horror. im trying to make a christmas list with some that i want but i dont really know can anyone make some of recommendations or what your favorite movies are. please no scifi or adventure

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