I am thinking about making a movie for my senior project. I am only a freshman, so please help me?


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logan_pryde :

I have been thinking about my Senior Project with a friend of mine for a while now, and we think making a movie would be a good idea, but we don’t know if we should make a horror, drama, comedy, or documentary. We live in a small rural area known as Crane, Oregon. It is home to one of the last high schools with a dormitory. So we think a documentary would be good, but we think it might be too boring, so a horror movie would be the next thing, we think.
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You, just less stupid

Boring doesnt matter, you are trying to please your teachers, not your student body, make a documentary on the dormitory thing good luck


I got a good idea. I’ve seen some things of this on You-tube. One of the videos on you-tube shows a large group of friends working together to make their own version of Lord of the Rings, calling it Lord of the Tacos.

You should try doing something similar like that. Try Star Wars Episode 4. You should try making spoofs of some of the most top rated movies. As for me, I don’t exactly like horror movies, but you can try making a comedy version of Star Wars, Jaws, Alien, or Terminator. Just make sure that there shows no blood, gore, or curse words because remember, the teacher is going to watch this. So make sure that it is school appropriate.


wait you r a freshman and your already working on your senior project? why? but anyways if u do a documentary, it would b good, who cares if its boring? teachers r boring, they like boring! it depends on what kind of a person you r also, cause im funny and i love making comedies, but if ur dramatic, then a drama, you know? documentary fits everything i think
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