What are some good Romance-Drama movies?


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oxheeyhannahxo :

Ones that aren’t old. Like the oldest ones from the 80’s. Also i like sappy ones. I like to cry over movies. If you can help do please.
And make sure there different movies than,

A Walk to Remember
The Notebook
Another Cinderella Story
A Cinderella Story
Tuck Everlasting
Peter Pan
Aladdin 1,2&3
My Girl
A Little Romance
The Sleeping Dictionary
Ella Enchanted
The Butterfly Effect

ive seen them so i dint need help on them(:
They should help you have an idea of what i like(:
Also if you like these movies and like other movies that arnt romance then tell me please(:
Thanks a lot(:

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P.S. I Love You – made me cry like a baby!

Isabelle D

The Notebook
The Phantom of the Opera (Any year movie, but musical)
The Lake House
Jane Eyre


(The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) Its new it just came out and i saw it, it was awesome i give it 8/10 Romance-Drama-Fantasy
(I think i love my wife) comedy-romance-drama
That’s the only drama movies that i have seen thanks to my girlfriend, am not a drama fan, i love action-horror-comedy.

Vannah{Sweet Simplicty}

The Duchess!

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