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hello :

anyone know a real good movie that will make a person cry? or just a really good movie kind of like cinderella man, a beautiful mind, the notebook, etc. not some old classic movie but more of a recent one. thanks

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Brian’s Song.

Captain Jack

The Shawshank Redemption. It’s one of my all time favorite movies and is so sad but so very good!


Shakespeare in Love… it’s a bit sad, but beautiful and funny, too!


I would recommend Love, Actually, although it might be considered somewhat of a comedy. It is really sad and touching in parts though (especially if you’re watching it around the holidays). Also, The Green Mile is extremely sad but a great film, as is Forrest Gump


A Walk To Remember

QT in SoCal

Beaches–kinda old, but will make you bawl

pretty much anything where somebody dies of some long, drawn out disease


the best one i have seen lately is the family stone,also Imaginary Heros is really good.In her shoes was very sweet especially if you have a sister,Cameron Diaz and Toni Colette play sisters who are total opposites but wear the same shoe size,it will make you cry,laugh,cheer etc.also Brokeback Mountain was`a beautiful love story,it will make you cry for sure.


one flew over the cuckoo’s nest- it’s not a love story movie and it’s a bit old but it did made me cry.


Man on Fire with Denzel Washington, more action but has drama and very emotional. Very very good!


who will love my children. its a real tearjerker. we taped it from tv about 10 years ago and we all cry every time we watch it. and its a true story about a iowa woman who had cancer and a bunch of kids and set out to find homes for her kids before she died.

my daughter still cries watching titanic
i cry on steel magnolias and beaches

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