What are some REALLY good movies that make people bawl?


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frogluvr9236 :

Okay. I have been in the mood to REALLY cry in movies. I cry easily in movies. So here is what tends to get me:

Pearl Harbor (cried so hard!!!!!!!!!!! one of my faves)
Marley in me
A walk to remember (only a little. but i wanna bawl)
Twilight (idk why…)

Things that ppl said they bawled in that didn’t really touch me a lot:

The Notebook (it was cute, but i did not find it THAT sad)
The boy in the striped Pajamas (I was more disturbed and disgusted than sad)

I tend to like sad war movies. Romance is a maybe depends on how sad. So like pearl harbor it was war/drama/suspense/romance/etc

So i really wanna cry. Need some good movies!
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Bridget B

& Pounds-didn’t see it but my mom cried here eyes out
Blood Diamond-war movie that i didn’t really know why i was crying


Field of Dreams

The Cowboys – One of John Wayne’s best

time to rock

Forest Gump
The Green Mile


Grave of the Fireflies. Even the most stoic person could not avoid crying at this beautiful movie, I would bet money on it. Myself, I’ve never been able to watch the whole thing – I don’t take sad movies well – but I saw enough to know it’s excellent.

Sean G

Tyler Perry’s Daddy Little Girl
True Crimes
P.s. i love you
7 Pound
Terms of endearment
Steel Magnolia


Bambi has made kids cry for generations.


Armageddon. I’m not proud of the fact that I cry for ten minutes straight after the credits every time I watch it, but it will definitely bring on the water works.


ps i love you – definitely.
He’s just not that into you – had its moments
Wide awake – tear jerker
atonement – thaaaat one is wow.
the family stone – family stuff.


Jack the bear, with Danny De Vito. Very sad drama. I still cry every time I watch it.

Charlotte F

7 Pounds
P.S. I love you
Pay It Forward
Cold Mountain
Forrest Gump


Life As A House great movie sad and touching. When A Man Loves A Woman. Last Of The Mohicans My Life with Michael Keaton as a cancer patient who knows he is dying and makes a video for his new son so he will know who his father was. Great movie. Jerry McGwire “You had me at hello” Pay It Forward another touching movie.

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