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yellaaa :] :

okay i love romance movies, comedies, drama and horror. im trying to make a christmas list with some that i want but i dont really know can anyone make some of recommendations or what your favorite movies are. please no scifi or adventure

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my favorite move is number 23 if u like suprises,or it u like horror/detective movies then watch the movie7


Romance – Casablanca; Drama – Citizen Kane; Horror- The Audition

Paul T

American Gangster great for the whole family, despite the ratings.

Natty M

ok i really like Danielle Steele’s The Ring.
its totally a lifetime movie.


Forest……. Forest Gump.


1.breakfast at tiffanys!my favorite a romance movie?made in the 60s, but amazing
2.memiors of a geisha.romance.drama.AMAZING!
3.little miss sunshine.drama
4.any thing w/ johnny depp
check these out, for real!

Billy the zombie princess!

the notebook, saved!(hilarious), I married an axe murderer. . .

That’s all i got.


i likepirates of the caribbean
chronicales of narnia
series of unfortunate events

Eric C

Love Actually
The Holiday
Shakespeare in Love
The Pursuit of Happyness
The Others
The Sixth Sense

… hard to think of movies which aren’t at least kind of sci-fi or adventure movies that also qualify as a “horror” film.

Robert M

Last samurai. There is a good romantic movie with robin williams in it… Just forgot the name. A good horror movie I think was the 13th ghost.


IDK… uh…. memoirs of a Geisha was a good movie… ALso you must check out the foreign film PANS LABRYNTH…. it has horror and huge drama(it was surprisingly great….)


two of my favorite movies are twin falls idaho (romance) and velvet goldmine (drama)

xXsharpie massacreXx

28 weeks later
dumb and dumber (the first one)
little nicky
billy madison
the breakfast club

Kyle's Cool M'Kay

Exorcism of Emily Rose is a good horror one
Zoolander is a GREAT comedy
Stage Beauty is a pretty good romance
and a drama. im not sure about that. one of my favorites is sort of a like drama and comedy and a bit of something else that i wouldnt know what its called but ill reccomend it anyway…Edward Scissorhands.


King of the Ants.

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