The major debates' subjects in the debate - Civil disobedience, morality, equality, law and democracy

The major debates' subjects in the debate - Civil disobedience, morality, equality, law and democracy

The movie The Great Debaters debates universal topics and topics that all people can relate to and understand. What is moral right or wrong, which is to be primarily? The law or one's own conscience?

This is just one of the many outstanding topics debated and argued throughout the film, dealing with the inequality, injustice and abuse of human rights. Over the centuries, the legislature had written unjust laws to enslave, disenfranchise and oppress blacks in America.

Thankfully, because of some noble and intellectually quiet men who, in particular, framed and formulated their arguments peacefully, the justice and angelsax hearts came to freedom. This gradually rose and eventually became a release for blacks throughout the country. But those in power do not turn over their control and remove their dominance easily. They must be confronted, exposed and infinite.

Therefore, the beauty and burden of democracy is a way that can be controlled by majority, thereby legally introducing immortality. As Gandhi expressed civil disobedience sometimes it is only when human laws are unfair.

Although the power of the ruling class would say civil disobedience is nothing but the true face of anarchy, nothing can be further from the truth when looking at the historical cruelties in America affixed to the African race.

Honestly, no people are more placed or ready to show true love and forgiveness for America and its people than the Africans oppressed by this nation.

A march of civil disobedience made peacefully as instructed by Gandhi maintained human dignity and respect for its opponents, even to humbly accept the legal consequences for your actions. Such acceptance of the consequences of defying the law (although unfair) can in no way be anarchy.

Another topic for debate in the film is welfare, as some say counteracts hard work. Survival, eating and drinking, has a roof over your head, undoubtedly the biggest motivation for going to work daily. It is therefore obvious that welfare further deteriorates the poor and makes them lazy and reluctant to work and to be self-sufficient.

Nevertheless, the innocent children without work who are both willing and able to work do not have to suffer and walk without, while a nation is as successful as we like. Government should provide.

Today, we no longer demonize Indians, Blacks and Communists. Instead, we prefer to demonize Muslims and label them terrorists (often people we do not know anything about). Therefore, the oppression is in America - it has just been removed from our land and moved to another war of war where less public scrutiny will be given.

It is therefore wrong logic and supposed to call America divine and good when it badly represents the Creator's heart both historically and now.

Who shall we do nothing? Such an unforgettable question was questioned in this wonderful film which calls us to account.

A law that violates my conscience is out of order. So too are ordinances that send sons to war to kill innocent people of another color or creed just because they can not understand the English language when a gun is put in the face.

Conscience precedes law and allows us to know right from wrong.

Black was hanged, lynched and killed without justice. Today, history recovers itself again.

Are we confused or convinced by our own media propaganda?

An unfair law is no law at all.

Your opponent is a mere deviant voice to the truth, which we in our hearts already know. God is the judge of the living and the dead.

Intuitive professor Tolson began to acknowledge early in The Great Debaters' irony of Bethlehem Steel, a company that makes warfare and still uses the name of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ's birthplace.

Whatever is required to make us comfortable with imperialism and the military industrial complex, I assume. The person's denial continues, just far away.

Today, the black freedoms they fought for and won gloriously! I encourage them and all people to continue the struggle for others who are brutalized by all-powerful America and abused under the rule of law, which is often no law at all, but we at the same time deny international law and become a law to ourselves.

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